We often put our trust in the safety and reliability of products when using them for their intended purposes. Unfortunately, sometimes products can be defective resulting in serious and catastrophic injuries during use. In such instances, negligence may extend to a wide range of parties including: the manufacturer, the distributor and the seller of the product. The manufacturer owes a duty to ensure that the product is safe and fit for use while the distributor and seller must not have knowingly or ought to have knowingly disseminated the product.

Product negligence may extend to a broad range of industries including use of every day products such as cars, furniture, drugs, appliances, electronic devices and gym equipment. It is unfortunate to know that at times manufacturers, distributors, and sellers allow defective products to enter the market causing serious injuries to us.

Personal injury litigation can be a complex area and requires skill and judgement in navigating the insurance system. Injured victims and their families are often in a vulnerable state, and are not in a position to deal with insurance companies by themselves. Accordingly, if you have been injured, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to assess and advance your case.